Moving Grate Furnace System

Waste is a valuable commodity. Waste should not be thrown away, but it should be used wisely. With the garbage combustion, the energy from the garbage comes back.


By using the energy of the waste the natural resources will be spared and green carbon dioxide will be won.


The waste separation is not an condition for a well functioning incineration plant. The waste can be - just as it comes from the household - transferred to the plant and used in the waste combusting system according to the law to produce energy.


Naturally, the separate garbage collection to reduce waste and the various targeted recycling of the secondary materials are very important.

All regulars of preventing waste and garbage separation lead to a reduction of the total waste volume and reduce waste combustion. But these regulars are not finally a condition to have a optimal running incineration plant.

The thermal treatment of waste is environmentally friendly, because the toxic and organic compounds at temperatures of about 1,100 degrees Celsius are sure destroyed.


The destroyed sub fractions of the toxics in the pollutants will be cleaned with in the exhaust flue gas cleaning system. In addition, the remaining solid wastes will be inerted and then they are able to be deposited.


Furthermore, we reduce the waste volume by 90%.




We design solutions for environment-friendly waste treatment - from the analysis to turn-key-ready-concepts - just as we provide the financing for our EU based-clients.







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Vienna, May 2013

UNIDO Energy Forum 2013


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