Sustainable solutions for our environment

For all of us within the ENPROCON - GROUP it is very important to assure that ENPROCON does not only stand for "Environmental projects" but also for "Environmental protection". Top priority of our corporate philosophy is the protection of our environment and quality of life - all technologies,  and integrated solutions, that  we propose are in accordance with this philosophy.


Therefore our commitment is to always work with alternative energies and particularly with new and innovative technologies, which lead to a higher quality of life and independence from fossil fuels.


We are fully aware that our website will only be in position to answer some of your initial questions - for further information do not hesitate to contact us - our team and experienced staff  is at your disposal at any time within our set of companies and international capacities.


The Team of ENPROCON and

Werner Wendt, CEO 







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Vienna, May 2013

UNIDO Energy Forum 2013


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